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Syllabus - Introduction


    This syllabus is designed to standardize the various techniques of Wado Ryu and the levels at which they are taught in the Alabama Wado Ryu Association dojos. The majority of the nomenclature (translations) came from Shingo Ohgami’s Introduction to Karate (the “red” book) and Ohgami’s Karate Katas of Wado Ryu (the “black” book.) Other information came from Patterson Sensei’s Gold, Blue and Green belt books.

    Some belt levels, especially white belt, have what looks like far more techniques than other belts. The main basis for dividing up the techniques is: what katas are required for that belt? It stands to reason that if a technique or stance is introduced in a particular kata, that individual technique or stance could be separated from the kata and worked on by itself.

    Some of the names we use have been handed down orally and may not be totally accurate. This is evident when some of the senior Japanese members of Wado Ryu (Otsuka Sensei, Takamatsu Sensei and Shiomitsu Sensei) give seminars and use “different” terminology. This syllabus has tried to include the more familiar names of some techniques along with the more proper Japanese names.

    There are some techniques that don’t seem to fit insofar as they may not be seen in any of the kata. Nevertheless, they are practiced and may be used in other areas of training, i.e. self-defense or jujutsu.  Each belt has been divided up into the following categories: Required kata, Directions and levels, Taisabaki, Weapons of the body, Stances, Blocks, Punches (linear techniques,) Strikes (swinging techniques,) Inside or elbow techniques, Kicks and Combinations.

    Some “holes” exist in this syllabus. Only the more common or basic combinations are listed. Any two or more techniques that can be put together logically and be made to “flow” can be considered in this category. No jujutsu has been included, since the techniques have specific Japanese names that may or may not be familiar. This will hopefully be updated in the future. Also noticeable is that the number of techniques decreases as the student progresses. This is because much of the later body of knowledge comes from the foundation laid earlier.

    This syllabus is not meant to confuse the student, but rather, to give the student something to refer to when getting ready for promotion or when studying alone. It also gives the student a measure of progress.

Syllabus - Wado Techniques

Syllabus - Total

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